The congregation of Daughters of the Charity of the most Precious Blood (DCPB) was founded by Blessed Thomas Maria Fusco in Pagani (Salerno) Italy on January 6, 1873.


The charism of DCPB sisters is ‘to derive and reflect the Most vivid image of the Divine Charity with which Christ’s Blood was shed and of which that  Divine Blood was and is a sign, and expression, a measure , and a pledge.’ They are called to be the living witnesses of the Divine Charity revealed in most Precious Blood of Christ while their apostolate are the education of youth and young people, works of mercy – hospitals and assistance to the elderly, social assistance, visiting homes and catechetical activities. Therefore, they always perceive in the Blood of Jesus not only the proof of His greatest love, but also the supreme and undisputable manifestation of the love that the Father has for humanity. And this has been the “object of our and adoration”. The crucifix is an object of contemplation, reflection and meditation. It is this divine charity of the Blood that specifies and defines our identity as Daughters of the Charity of the Most Precious Blood


The first half of the 19th century was a period dominated by the great Napoleonic expansion in Italy. After the congress of Vienna in 1815 and the restoration of the status an apparently calm period followed, but it was soon disturbed by the ferment of revolutionary upheavals. The seeds of liberty and novelty were planted widely. The Napoleonic deeds of military grandeur continued to favour  the rice and the activities of secret sects. Italy was in ferment, especially the kingdom of Neples. The political, cultural, social and economic condition of the sarno valley were violently shaken. Many laymen and priest became involved. Corruption and disorder, war and revolution strongly injured human. Since the political situation was unstable there was chaos in all aspects of life. Social and educational situation was in decline. Moved by all this, Thomas Maria Fusco, opened a school for boys in his own home and organized prayer groups at night in his parish and he initiated a school of moral theology in his home, and trained priests in the ministry of confession. He founded an institution of the ‘Society of the Catholic apostolate of the Most Precious Blood’ for priest to support missions. Sensing the signs of time, he founded the ‘Daughters of the Charity of the Most Precious Blood’ on January 6, 1873, the Congregation devoted to the care of orphans at Pagani, Italy. An approval to the religious community of sisters was given on July 14,1886 by the Bishop of Nocera, Luigi del Forno. Very soon the congregation spread all over Italy and it became a Pontifical Institute. Decree of definitive approval of the congregation was granted by Pius X in 1912 and an approval to the constitution was granted by
Pope Benedict XV in 1921.


Being impressed by the great opportunity for evangelization and vocation in India, authorities decided to begin a mission centre at Neeleeswaram, Kalady, Kerala, under the Archdioces of Ernakulam – Angamaly in 1983. Then on September 4 1985 the first house was blessed by Cardinal Mar Antony Padiyara.  The first batch of sisters professed in 1987 and thereafter   the Congregation is blessed with adequate vocation. The first mission station was opened at Jubaguda, a remote plece in the district of Phulbani, Odisha, one each in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Right now there are 18 houses; 12 in Kerala, 1 in Karnataka,1 in Andhra Pradesh and 4houses in Odisha. They are involved in the apostolate of education, medical care, assisting elderly home ministery and parish acting activities. In 2022 there are 16 candidates ( 7 aspirants, 4 postulants  5 novices) and 174 sisters of which 14 are temporary professed sisters and 160 are perpetually professed. The DCPB In India was begun in of 1983 and was erected as region in 2004 . In 2004 , The DCPB in India was raised to the status of region and its regional house is situated at Vennala, Ernakulam. It is spread over the states of Kerala, Odisha, Andhrapradesh and Karnataka.


As of 2017, DCPB is spread out in five continents and 7 countries with its Generalate in Rome, Italy. The Superior General since the foundation of Congregation were Sister Alfonsina cola (1887-1892), Sr Maria Co (1913-1934), Sr. Marghaerita del Monaco (1934-1937), Sr. Caterina Privato (1937-1947), Sr. Jemmaa Cambanella (1947-1965), Sr. Silvana Lanzaro (1965-1983), Sr. Marina Mandrino (1983-1989), Sr. Ofelia Marzocca (1989-2007), and Sr.Alfosa Bove (2007- till date). Regions of the DCPB Congregation are the following;

America region (2006)

Nigeria mission and Brazil mission (2011)

The missions in the Philippines and Indonesia are Under Generalate.